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Let me first introduce to you my colleague Hilja:

Hilja the boarlet. As my colleague, her task is to help pupils remember when it’s time for quiet work. Hilja is a shy boarlet and will come out only when there is a calm and nice atmosphere in the class.

Now that you’re friends with Hilja, let me introduce myself.

My name is Eelis Hyvärinen. I live in the beautiful city of Tampere, Finland. I’m in the process of growing into an international professional in the field of education and pedagogy. My background is in engineering and musicology, but currently I am studying to become a qualified class teacher. I am especially interested in

  • educational sociology and equity,
  • language education and language awareness in education,
  • motivating students into critical scientific thinking,
  • students whose native language is different from their school environment,
  • everything related to education especially in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

On this page I will shortly introduce my history and plans for the future from the perspective of my studies and career. I’ll also tell you how my travels in Eastern Europe are related to all of this.

Eelis the Student

Bachelor of Science.

When I get my master’s degree in educational sciences (soon, I hope), I will be a qualified elementary school class teacher and a subject teacher of mathematics and physics. To make my dream of teaching abroad come true, I’m also planning to get an international English teaching qualification in the future. Whatever I find myself doing, one of my strengths will always be my multidisciplinary background in various academic studies.

In the beginning of my study career I chose engineering, which earned me a bachelor’s degree in science, including mathematics, physics, electronics engineering and audio technology. However, during my engineering studies I longed for something more directly connected to the arts and human behavior. So I started studying musicology with minors in educational sciences and computer science at the University of Helsinki, which also gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into music which has always been an important part of my life.

Student of Arts.

In the end, after a lot of encouraging experience as a teacher, I decided that I want my career to be in the field of education. So I started studying for a master’s degree in educational sciences with the aim to qualify as an elementary school class teacher. Currently I make use of my multidisciplinary studies while researching the development of child artists in Moldova, Romania and Ukraine (more about this later).

My dream is to work as a teacher in Moldova for a while (or longer because everything I do seems to grow bigger and bigger). This is one of the many reasons why I’m also studying the beautiful Romanian language. In 2019 I taught English at a summer camp of a school in Chișinău, Moldova.

Eelis the Teacher

Practicing the appearance of a teacher.

I have a varied working history, but it all has lead me towards a profession in the field of education. In addition to teaching in schools, I have developed digital learning materials, worked as a teaching assistant at a university and as a school assistant in elementary schools. My small business Matikkatarmo offers tutoring in mathematics and physics as well as science clubs for children, with an experience of 9 years. One of my many teaching jobs was teaching the clarinet at an art school. But most importantly I have substituted for elementary and high school teachers countless times during the past ten years.

Once, while doing a longer than usual substituting for a class teacher, I decided this is what I really want to do as my career, after years of going back and forth with the idea. The experience made me realize it’s not just the core job of a teacher that I like, but I also find all the additional responsibilities in a teacher’s job motivating and interesting challenges, such as solving social problems in the class, communicating with parents and evaluating the students. I have come to the conclusion that I want to be able to have a comprehensive long-term responsibility of the development of a group of students, and this is only possible as a class teacher.

You can read more about my job experience on my LinkedIn page.

Eelis the Traveller

Moldovan school kids loved the Norwegian foot game.

I have travelled a lot in Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. Looking back at my travels, they also have been great learning experiences for me. On my first trip to Eastern Europe I did not know how anything worked and did not have the courage to do much. Now, after pushing myself to go further and further in the everyday life in different places, I have learned a lot about how these parts of the world function. Now I can just hop on the trolleybuses and marshrutkas and go wherever I want. I have learned to understand that everywhere people live ordinary lives and if something seems strange to my Finnish eye, I should not avoid it but get to know it, because this is the only way to find many wonderful things.

Getting to know local people and making contacts is the most valuable thing I have got from my travels. During my travels I have got many international connections especially in the field of education, and one of these lead me to teach at a summer camp of a school in Moldova. The schools and the educational system in Finland are in many ways top of the world and I am always glad when educators all over the world are interested in our pedagogical solutions and educational philosophy. However, I also believe that Finnish schools can be developed by learning about education in different countries. I hope I can be a link between Finland and Eastern Europe, especially in everything related to education.

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